Professor Albert Stuart Reece and Clinical Research

As well as working with patients clinically Dr Reece is also a Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and the Edith Cowan University which are both near Perth in Western Australia.


For many years Dr Reece has published clinical and epidemiological research and reviews of basic science relevant to drug use and exploring the health implications of the known harms and risks of drug use and drug dependency.  This body of work is ethically approved by various Human Research Ethics Research Committees around the country.

This extensive research agenda continues to grow as new papers are being added to the list all the time.  The current list is noted below which will be periodically updated.

IMG_5755 (1)_edited.jpg

The work has several major themes:

  • Aggregated (de-identified and confidential) clinical reviews of trends comparing drug-dependent patients with those who are not drug dependent;

  • The relationship of many drugs of dependence to accelerate cardiovascular ageing and accelerated ageing of the whole human body;

  • Risks associated with cannabis use, especially genotoxicity – expressed clinically in birth defects and cancers – and neurotoxicity – expressed clinically in autism and mental illness.


At present Dr Reece is using advanced statistical techniques in R to conduct space-time analyses and look at the formal statistical pathways of causal inference – showing that relationships are not just associations but actually causal – in various large national USA datasets using the advanced software data analysis program called “R” which is freely available online.

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Professional Summary

Date of Graduation: 1981

Medical School: Sydney University

Teaching Hospital: Concord Hospital

Degree Gained: MBBS

Place in Final Medicine/Surgery Exam: Third

Part 1 FRACS. Passed: October 1983 at first attempt

Pass at Part 1 FRACS.: 80-84%

FRCS. (Ed.) Passed: January 1990 at first attempt

FRCS. (Glas.) Passed: February 1990 at first attempt

MD. (UNSW.) Passed: 1993

FRACGP. Passed: 1994

Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia since 2010. 


Appointed as Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia since 2019.

Full Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Edith Cowan University in Perth from May 2018.



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International Media Events & Press

  1. Two hour interview for “We the People” Radio in Redding California Monday 13/12/2021.

  2. Two hour interview for “High Times” with Dr Roneet Lev, White House Drug Policy Adviser, 19.02.2022.

  3. 27/11/2018.  For Daily Mail on subject of Cannabis teratogenicity and its parallels to thalidomide teratogenesis.

Books Written

  1. A.S. Reece  "Let My People Go: A Theology of Addiction"  Westbow Press, December 2016.


Advice given to Government

1998:  Letter to Premier Beattie in Relation to naltrexone Services for Opiate Addiction.

1999:  Advice to Queensland Government on Opiate Detoxicifation Protocols.


2010:  Advice to Community Affairs Committee of Queensland Government on Cannabis Toxicity.


2011:  23rd August, Advice to House of Representatives Community Affairs Committee on Pro-Aging Effects of Drug Addiction.


2011:  Advice to Senate Community Affairs Committee on Medicare Auditing Procedures and Professional Services Review Protocols 26th August. Submission for Australian Doctors Union.

2012:  May 2012, Advice to Dr Bill Coote Director of Professional Services Review in relation to more equitable methods of conduct of formal Review of Medicare Billable Services.

2012:  Advice to Premier Campbell Newman, Brisbane, Queensland,  in Relation to Prospective Clinical Trial Comparing Methadone, Buprenorphine,   Naltrexone Implants,    5th October  2012 and continuing.

2012:  Advice to Premier Barry O’Farrell, Premier of NSW in relation to setting up naltrexone implant clinic.  18th October 2012.

2013:  10.09.2013, Speech for Christian Democratic Party on Medical Cannabis in NSW, based on Review of Parliamentary Report General Standing Committee No. 4.

2013:  21.09.2013, Speech for Christian Democratic Party on Proposed Naltrexone Trial in Sydney, based on Parliamentary Report, General Standing Committee No. 2.

2014:  01.03.2014 Speech for Christian Democratic Party on Government Response to General Purpose Standing Committee No. 2 of Legislative Council of New South Wales on Proposed Improvements to Addiction Me dicine Treatment Facilities in New South Wales, including Naltrexone Implant Trial.

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2014:  Rebuttal for White Paper Entitled “Some Frequently Asked Q’s and A’s about Medicinal Cannabis” by Mather L and Wodak A. circulated to the NSW Parliament and dated 18th June 2014.  Prepared 13th July 2014.

2014:  Advice to Senator Chris Back, WA, on management of Australian Opiate Dependence.

2014:  Assistance to Marie Ficcarra MLA, NSW parliament related to management of NSW drug policy.

2014:  Advice to John Alexander on management Australian addiction problems 25/09/2014.

2016:  Advice given to Hon. Minister Sussan Ley, Federal Health Minister, Canberra on management of Australia's national drug addiction policies in relation to alcohol, amphetamines "ice" and heroin and opioids, 01/09/2016.

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2016:  Advice given to Greg Parry from the Medical Cannabis Team of Queensland Health 24/10/2016 in relation to medical cannabis.

2016:  Advice given to Kay Hull, Chairperson Australian National Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drugs in relation to development of naltrexone Implants, 25/10/2016.

2017:  12/02/2017 Advice Given to Bert Van Manen MHR and Federal Minster Greg Hunt Senator in Relation to improvement of management practices for Opioid and Amphetamine dependence in Australia using naltrexone implants.

2017:  23/05/2017 Advice Given to Senator Eric Abetz and Health Minister Greg Hunt in Relation to improvement of processes and procedures for management of Medicare and Professional Services Review.

2017:  August 2017 Advice to Canadian Government on Cannabis Dosing under legalization Paradigm.

2018:  January 2018 Further advice to Canadian Senate on Cannabis dosing under legalization framework.

2018:  March Advice to Senate of Idaho in relation to Cannabis legalization.

2018:  March Advice to Dr David Forbes, Chief Medical Officer Western Australia and Paediatrician relating to cannabis teratogenesis particularly in the South Western corner of Western Australia in the forests.

2018:  April 2018 Advice to USA FDA in relation to risks of cannabis.

2018:  April 2018 advice to WHO via FDA in USA.

2018:  1/05/2018 meeting with Tim Donovan RBWH and Prof Paul Colditz, President Division of Paediatricians within Royal Australasian College of Physicians on cannabis teratogenesis.

2018:  April Advice to John Coleman (President) and David Evans Chief legal adviser of Drug Watch International relating to cannabis teratogenesis and public health harms posed by rapidly accelerating legalization movement.

2018:  23/05/2018 Advice to Northern Territory Government about Proposed legalization of all drugs in Northern Territory.

2018:  24/05/2018 Advice to Legal and constitutional Committee of the Senate of the Parliament of Australia in relation to the proposed re-scheduling of cannabis to make it more widely available.