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Dr Reece's patients are keen to see him for many reasons because:

- He accepts every patient booking (even the morning of!)

- He gives each patient the amount of time they need.

- His day ends when all patient needs are attended too. 

- He cares about cause and effect and finding you answers. 

As an Adjunct Professor of Medicine with over 130 peer reviewed papers Adjunct Professor Reece brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience and has found a niche in helping patients with complex and chronic health.

Dr Reece is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia, who has worked in Brisbane since 1991.  He has more than 115 papers in peer reviewed medical and scientific literature. You can find links to Dr Reece's clinical research here.

Adjunct Professor Reece carries on a very active research program into human health and disease focusing on the cellular and molecular aspects of cancer, ageing and addiction with a particular interest in the mechanisms of disease and novel and new ways to improve human health and medical treatments.  He is part of several professional networks both within Australia and internationally with similar objectives of medical and scientific excellence.  He frequently consults and collaborates with other world leaders both in this country and overseas.

He has a particular concern for the health needs of the disadvantaged, the poor, the heart-broken and the homeless in Brisbane and its surrounds.

Adjunct Professor Reece has worked medically in several Australian states as well as in the UK and parts of Africa and Asia. 

He has had extensive experience in many surgical disciplines as well as in General Practice before opening up the clinic in Highgate Hill in 1992.

Adjunct Professor Reece's special interests include:

  • Helping patients solve complex or long term health problems.

  • Implementing health care plans for chronic diseases including diabetes and asthma.

  • Minor surgery, mole removal and laser treatment.

  • Treatment of various addictions.

  • Electrocardiography (ECG).

  • Family Health.

  • Vaccinations including COVID vaccination.

  • Hepatitis C Treatment.

He is also interested in the two way relationships between mental and spiritual health on the one hand and physical and psychological health on the other hand.

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If you are looking for a long term relationship with a Doctor that truly cares and is available to you when you need them, then:

Contact our clinic directly at

(07) 3844-4000.

Professional Qualifications: 

MD(UNSW), MBBS(Hons., Sydney), FRACGP, FRCS(Ed.), FRCS(Glas.)

Current Medical and Scientific Professional Journal Subscriptions:

- New England Journal of Medicine

- Nature, Science, Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Cancer Cell, Neuron, Immunity, Aging Cell,

- Journal of Neuroscience.

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