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Supporting a natural family planning approach

Dr Reece advises and refers women to specialists in natural family planning methods including fertility awareness and methods for fertility control. 
Recent evidence has raised new concerns about the risks of all forms of hormonal contraception including the contraceptive pill. 
Dr Reece's passion for patient health is paramount. As an Adjunct Professor of Edith Cowan University, he has dedicated his time to writing a number of published science-based articles across a subsection of health-related matters.

For this reason, hormonal contraception is a non-preferred option and will only be considered where a risk/benefit assessment supports the patients' other extenuating medical conditions. 
As a result, Dr Reece does not commonly prescribe hormonal contraception for contraceptive purposes. Patients who may be disappointed if they are not issued with a prescription for hormonal contraception may choose to consult another general practitioner. 

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