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Southcity Family Medical Centre is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. We accept all major credit cards and offer payment installments.



As noted earlier most of our consultations are fully covered by Australia's Medicare system.  This means that most of our consultations are bulk billed at the time of your appointment.

However for patients from overseas who may not be registered with Medicare as Australian citizens, or for visitors to Australia from countries which do not have reciprocal health care agreements with Australia accounts are provided at the time of service provision, which patients are free to claim back from their usual health care insurer.

Patients consulting the doctor on Workers Compensation health matters need to make arrangements with their employer to cover the account provided to them at the time of their consultation.

We are not allowed to book medical examinations to Medicare by law.  This applies particularly to pre-employment medical examinations and driving licence medical examinations and similar medical examinations.

Private Consultation Fees: 

For patients who cannot be bulk billed to Medicare or Workers Compensation  the standard consulting fee for an ordinary consultation is $80 per visit.  This can vary depending upon the length and complexity of the service which is provided.

If you are looking for a long term relationship with a Doctor that truly cares and is available to you when you need them, then:

contact our clinic directly at 07 3844 4000.

Save time when visiting the office and download all your patient forms here
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